Private Placement

Private Placement

For Companies

Private Placements have provided expansion capital for some of the worlds most successful companies. Over the past ten years Private Placement funds have provided investment capital to such giants as Microsoft, Dell Computer, Lucent Technology, Oracle, Apple and others. There are many sources of Private Placement capital. Some of the more traditional sources are brokerage firms and Private Placement Partnerships and Funds. If your company would like to explore further on how to proceed in seeking Private Placement capital, please click on the link directly below.

For Investors

As an investor, one must carefully plan a strategy for investing in non-public companies. Investing in the next Microsoft or Dell Computer takes skill and some amount of luck. An investor should utilize a team consisting of a CPA, and an investment professional specializing in Private Placements. Many investments require a thorough understanding and knowledge of company financials statements, legal terms and structure, and patience. If you would like to explore investments in Private Placements, please indicate by clicking the link below and completing the short information questionnaire.

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