TrendLogic Associates / Snapshot

TrendLogic Associates Snapshot

Warren Greene, portfolio manager at TrendLogic Associates, Inc.(established 1988) reports that its Long/Short Equities portfolio is up 18% on the month to March 29, and 17% on the year. The Asset Allocation portfolio is down just 1.23% on the month and 8.24% on the year. In addition to equity portfolios, TrendLogic also manages futures portfolios which usually trade about 45 markets.

Mr. Greene, joined TrendLogic, an investment adviser and CTA, in 1995. He had been president of the American Investors Group of Funds in Greenwich CT which he joined in 1965. Prior thereto he had been with The First Boston Corporation. He writes the Dynamic Asset Allocation Investment Report sent monthly to clients and other high net worth individuals and institutions which have expressed interest toward becoming a management client in one or more of the investment programs offered.

The Long/Short Equities is a relative-strength based systematic trading program of common stocks (data on 7000 stocks downloaded daily). The portfolio may be long as many as 40 stocks and as short as many as 40. Currently, it is net short. Strong stocks are selected for longs and weaker stocks with poor fundamentals are placed on the short side. It also includes a market overlay based on the overall trend of the market.

Asset Allocation, also a relative-strength driven portfolio, selects and invests in those no-load mutual funds which have been among the leaders over the recent past. The portfolio may hold up to 20 funds when fully invested. Currently, it holds 10 funds, 50% in cash, down from 70% in cash at the beginning of this week. In 1999 this portfolio advanced 106%, and in 2000 held on to its gain by being up 1.92%. Over the past few months, it has been heavy in cash as a result of its market overlay which tracks the trend of the market. TrendLogic is located at One Fawcett Place, Greenwich CT 06830, and Mr. Greene may be reached there at 203-625-4869.

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