Wolff Investment Group, Inc

Wolff Investment Group, Inc

Ms. Patricia Wolff
Wolff Investment Group, Inc
Suite 1600
26 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

Investment Banking



Wolff Investment Group, Inc. established in 1939 by the father of Patricia Wolff has been on Wall Street for 62 years.. Patricia Wolff, with over 30 years of Wall Street experience, is well know to the Wall Street community. Her conservative and balanced approach to investing has achieved many successes and she is a sought after speaker at numerous functions pertaining to investments. Patricia Wolff is conscientious and a true professional when it comes to structuring investor portfolio┬╣s. Patricia Wolff will be featured next month in the “Womans Only” section of The Wall Street Report. See what she has to say about investments in Cicso , Lucent Technologies, and IBM and her view on the markets.

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